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Our Pursuit

Ready to take your CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL?


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Our company's pursuit is to ensure that every client we have the opportunity to represent, is beyond satisfied with the delivery of our service and the wealth of knowledge our partner agents provide while creating a win-win scenario. 


​Our goal is to help mold the future by giving young adults (recent high school graduates and college students) their start in the Real Estate industry. As we all know, many young adults enter the "real world" unprepared for the next phase of life. For those who aspire to have a prominent future regardless of a mapped-out plan or not, Clark & Blake Realty Group created a platform where young adults can learn, financially thrive and grow, while developing their master plan for their future. 

​Whether you are currently licensed as a Georgia or Mississippi salesperson or aim to earn your license, Clark & Blake Realty Group offers consistent educational training, daily leads, webinars, FREE CE CLASSES, competitive yet manageable office fees, a blossoming work environment, and most of all, Broker Support that is enthusiastically ambitious to help you learn, grow and WIN! 

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