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Clark & Blake Realty Group is a Georgia & Mississippi based Real Estate Brokerage whose Leader and Broker, has nearly two decades of experience, helping buyers, sellers, and commercial/land owners buy and sell real estate. 

Clark & Blake Realty Group is built and designed for today's evolving future. Our partners are professional, well educated-trained, Realtors who enjoy the process of real estate every day. They take pride in selling luxury residential properties to first-time homebuyers, investors, home sellers, land , and commercial real estate. Our premium selection of Realtors, Managers, and Affiliate Partners exceeds the industry standard in delivering the best real estate service a client could ask for. 


When Clark & Blake Realty Group's name goes on a contract or real estate sign, it signifies that dependability, integrity, commitment, knowledgeable and professional ethics are there. Our firm is a name and real estate service provider that every client and co-operating broker/agent can trust. 

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Our Leader & Broker

Since 2004, Shebia Clark, has worked successfully as a small business owner in the retail industry, brick and mortar, several “click and mortar” e-commerce companies, Real Estate, and Business Strategy industries. With emphasis in exceptional client care driven tactics, increasing company profits and sales goals; Shebia spends a great deal of her time strategizing with business owners who aspire to create, build and grow a company with the end goal in mind that leads to longevity. Shebia focuses on helping agents develop their daily operational management systems, tactful marketing plans, strengthening their knowledge in the industry, with emphasis on strategic customer service skills; that help increase their company revenue. Shebia's vision to become a Realtor was recognized at the age of 16. Shebia has expanded her vision over the years as a Licensed Broker in Georgia and Mississippi.

​With 17.5  years in the Real Estate Industry, when Shebia is not providing great solutions to the real estate partners within the firm, she spends a great deal of her time mentoring, teaching and training new agents on how to best service their clients and successfully grow in the industry. Shebia is often referred to as a, "walking wealth of knowledge" in Real Estate, is also partnered as a Certified Trainer and Real Estate Instructor for Moseley Real Estate School. Shebia offers day and weekend salesperson pre-license classes for candidates who aspire to earn their Georgia Salesperson License. 

You can find the proud Mississippi native, simultaneously dedicating her time to, educating youth and young adults on the benefits of a career in Real Estate, to promoting several philanthropic causes with youth development or homelessness crisis's, when not travelling or shooting under par on the golf course.

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Ashley Dade, REALTOR   &
Investor Strategist


Meet Ashley, one of our remarkable partner agents. Ashley's passion for real estate was ignited early on when she purchased her first investment property. This early venture opened her eyes to the vast potential and profitability of real estate investing. Since then, she has honed her skills and grown her investment portfolio significantly.

As a Realtor, Ashley's unique perspective as an investor allows her to view properties through a different lens. She understands the importance of strategic decision-making, thorough market analysis, and maximizing returns on investment. Whether her clients are first-time investors or seasoned veterans, Ashley offers her clients invaluable insights and guidance on identifying lucrative investment opportunities.

Ashley's exceptional negotiation skills, combined with her in-depth knowledge of local market trends, make her an invaluable asset to her clients. She understands that timing is crucial in the volatile world of real estate investing and prides herself on providing her clients with accurate, up-to-date information to help them make informed decisions.

Beyond her expertise in investment properties, Ashley also specializes in residential and commercial real estate sales. Her dedication to providing exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to achieving her clients' goals are all qualities that have earned her a loyal base of repeat clients and referrals.

If you are looking for an experienced Realtor who understands the unique dynamics of real estate investing, Ashley Dade is the perfect choice.

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Quintasha Roberts, 
Associate Broker 

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA, Quintasha been a resident of vibrant Atlanta since 2015. Quintasha earned her Real Estate license in 2018. Real estate is not merely a profession for her; it’s a lifelong commitment to helping individuals realize and attain their real estate goals, whether you’re on the journey to purchase your dream home or looking to sell a property. Apart from being a devoted real estate professional, Quintasha is the proud owner and operator of a full-service tax firm established in 2018. The firm thrives under Quintasha's stewardship, mirroring the same values she upholds in her real estate practice: attentiveness, assertiveness, and an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction.

Quintasha's top priority is exemplifying professionalism, great integrity and assertively present for all her clients real estate needs, guiding them every step of the way with experience every client can trust.

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Natasha McMillian, REALTOR


An experienced Realtor in Mississippi with reciprocity in Georgia, Natasha has catered to buyers and sellers with the upmost professionalism and esteemed work ethic. A proud HBCU graduate of Alcorn State University and Jackson State University, Natasha has over 20 years of experience in the educational system as a dynamic School Teacher and Librarian.  Natasha takes pride in ensuring all of her clients are informed with the best knowledge in order to make profound decisions when closing on their home. Being considered one who has never met a stranger, closing with Natasha you are guaranteed to have a family Realtor for a lifetime. 

When Natasha is not successfully completing a real estate transaction you can find Natasha enjoying life with her two wonderful and exceptional sons or traveling with family and friends. 


**Tammie Lowe: A Confluence of Compassion and Real Estate Expertise**

 Tammie Lowe is not your everyday real estate professional; she is a symphony of experience, expertise, and exceptional people skills, making her a remarkable confluence of compassion and real estate acumen. Having migrated from the vibrant chaos of New York City two decades ago, Tammie is now an indispensable local expert who has profoundly influenced the real estate landscape in Georgia. Educationally enriched with a pre-nursing degree and a bachelor’s in Healthcare Science, Tammie uniquely intertwines caregiving and detailed research in her real estate practice. Her exceptional ability to build lasting relationships is the cornerstone of her success, ensuring new and old clients feel valued and understood.

Imbued with the resilient spirit of her immigrant parents, Tammie believes that “nothing is impossible if you want.” This philosophy fuels her dedication, empowering clients to turn their property dreams into rewarding realities. When she steps away from real estate, Tammie embarks on cultural explorations through travel, embracing health practices, and indulging in diverse cultural events. These hobbies enrich her professionally, adding a global and humane touch to her real estate expertise. In the hands of Tammie Lowe, every property transaction becomes a seamlessly navigated journey toward success.


Specializing in a multitude of real estate sectors, such as income-producing properties, investments, first-time homeowners, and new construction sales, Tammie has evolved into a maestro, orchestrating real estate transactions with a finesse that only few possess. Her mantra is not just about selling a home; it's about building enduring relationships. Her knack for connecting with people and a relentless drive for success ensures that each client, new or old, experiences a seamless and rewarding real estate journey.

Tammie Lowe is more than a real estate expert; she is a beacon of possibility, a weaver of dreams, and an architect of extraordinary real estate experiences. In her capable hands, every client feels the professionalism, expertise, warmth, care, and dedication to each transaction.

Tammie Lowe, REALTOR


Bernadette "Bunny" Patterson, REALTOR

Bunny is an enthusiastic and dedicated real estate agent, ready to help you find your dream home or sell your property smoothly and efficiently. With a strong background in sales, Bunny brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry. Driven by a passion for real estate and a genuine desire to help her clients, Bunny is known for her ability to build strong relationships based on trust and professionalism. She takes the time to listen and understand her clients' goals, and continuously communicates and keeps them informed throughout the buying or selling process. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, an experienced investor, or a homeowner looking to sell, Bunny Patterson will provide you with an exceptional real estate experience. 

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Cory M. Murphy Ph.D,

Cory, a diligent community servant, educator and proud native of Canton, MS, is dually licensed as a real estate agent in the State of Mississippi and Georgia. With a passion for helping others achieve their dreams of homeownership, Cory brings a unique set of skills and experiences that has made him well-equipped to assist clients in finding the perfect home. While embarking upon his real estate career, Cory presently serves as Associate State Superintendent of Education and formerly served as Executive Director of the Office of Teaching and Leading at the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE). One of the many attributes that sets Cory apart, is his unwavering dedication to his clients' satisfaction. Cory understands that buying or selling a home can be a stressful process, and he's committed to professionally guiding his clients every step of the way. Cory believes that open and honest communication is key and successfully strives to make the entire real estate experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


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